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2010 Publications

2010 IESS - Wetland Management in Ghana – The Impact of Human Activities on the Kpeshie Wetland, Greater Accra Region.

The sustainable development agenda has been promoted since the term was coined by the Brundtland Commission in 1987. Ghana has ratified several conventions relating to environmental responsibility and management in an effort to develop sustainably.

2010 IESS - Well Water Quality in the Abetifi and Mpraeso Townships of the Eastern Region of Ghana

The study was conducted to monitor well water quality in Abetifi and Mpraeso towns; the district capitals for Kwahu East and Kwahu South respectively. The research was conducted from December to March in the dry season when most of the residents depended on water from wells because of erratic flow of treated pipe borne water.

2010 IESS - Water Supply, Sanitation and Their Effects on the Health Status of the People of Chorkor in the Ablekuma Sub-Metro of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly

Water supply and sanitation issues are very crucial and have profound impact on the health of all people irrespective of their race, social, economic and political status. This is because adequate supply of water, proper sanitation and hygiene education improves the quality of life.

2010 IESS - The Quality and Safety of Human Manure from Kvip for Agricultural Use Gadzekpo, Peter Kwadzo Amedzor.

The present study was carried out in the Kpando and North Tongu Districts in which five Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit (KVIPs) were selected. The aim of investigation is to study the impact of the quality and safety of human manure from the KVIP on the environment especially on agriculture and the health of the people within the Kpando and North Tongu Districts in the Volta Region of Ghana.

2010 IESS - The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Wetlands: A Case Study of the Songor Ramsar Site Boakye-Boaten, Nana Abayie

Climate change with its concomitant effects such as global warming, increases in sea-levels, changes in rainfall patterns and increases in extreme weather conditions is adversely affecting coastal ecosystems around the world.

2010 IESS - The Potential of Biological Agenst for Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Ghana Ahiable, Peter Koblah

The focus of the study was to find an efficient, less expensive and environmentally sustainable method for treating domestic waste water. For this purpose, continuous flow system of duckweed, algae and combined duckweed-algal (hybrid) ponds were constructed to access their performance in terms of faecal bacteria reduction under reduced light input condition in ponds.

2010 IESS - The Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Relation to Location of Pit Latrine in the Ketu South District of the Volta Region

Inadequate access to portable water is a major problem confronting most societies and countries worldwide. The availability of adequate and safe water and the provision of sanitation facilities are widely recognised to help improve upon healthcare and minimize significantly the outbreak of waterborne diseases such as bilharzia and guinea worm.

2010 IESS - Study of Wetlands, Shallow Groundwater and Crop Production in the White Volta Basin in the Kassena District in the Upper East Region

Study of wetlands, shallow ground water and crops production in the White Volta catchment of the Kassena Nankana district in the Upper East Region of Ghana was carried out through acquisition of landsat TM 2007 satellite imagery, observations, interview, surveys, discussion and GIS tools usage. Riverine, man-made and depression wetlands were the only wetlands found in the area.

2010 IESS - Spatial Patterns of Bilharzia in Ghana with Focus on Communities in Ga West District: A Spatio-Temporal Approach

Schistosomiasis, a tropical disease that currently affects about 200 million people worldwide with a population of 652 million at risk globally including Ghana. Even though schistosomiasis is known in Ghana to be an important infectious disease, its management has been problematic. Public health approach focused on preventive environmental management practices was recognised by experts to complement the usual practice of giving drugs to infected people.

2010 IESS - Pattern Of Pollution Along The Lower Reaches Of River Pra

The main objective of this research was to establish the pattern of pollution along the lower reaches of River Pra. Raw water samples were taken from six (6) communities located along the Pra River. These communities are Enyinabrim, Abetemasu, Sekyere Nsuta, Krobo, Daboase and Beposo at Mpohor Wassa East District in the Western Region. In each community, water samples were taken from both Pra River and one tributary within the vicinity of the community.