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MPhil Environmental Science

The aim of the M.Phil Programme in Environmental Science is to provide graduate education in the causes, effects and control of environmental problems, particularly in Ghana, for graduate in the basic sciences and closely related disciplines. The role of the environmental scientist is seen as of responsibility for monitorial, investigational and advisory functions in management of the environment.

The programme comprises of two semesters taught courses followed by one year’s research from the area of specialization. The syllabus is divided into two sections: Section A and B. There are six courses in Section A which is compulsory to all candidates. Candidates are required to choose a minimum of two out of the courses in Section B, which are elective.

Admission Requirements

  • A degree in science or its equivalent acceptable to the Graduate Board.
  • An appropriate professional qualification accepted as equivalent to a Degree.


PhD Environmental Science

Environmental issues are multi-faceted, with ecological, legal, social, economic, political and ethical dimensions. It is important to develop its many aspects simultaneously in order to provide a unified understanding of environmental issues and concerns. In this regard, one may need a programme that is designed to introduce a multidimensional set of environmental questions and that provides a wide range of perspectives to analyze environmental problems. The PhD in Environmental Science has a well-structured trans-disciplinary course content, which provides the individual with knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts of environmental science and an ability to contribute critically to multi-disciplinary analyses of environmental issues.


Admission Requirements

Admission to PhD will be limited to applicants with MPhil. Equivalent degrees in a relevant area can also be admitted directly into the PhD programme.