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2011 Publications

2011 IESS - The Potential Health Hazards Associated With Waste Scavenging in Ghana. A Case Study of Three Selected Dumpsites in Tema Metropolis

The study was conducted with the background of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management in the Greater Accra region, especially, in Tema metropolis to throw more light pertaining to open dumping and its associated health hazards posed to scavengers who form the informal sector of recycling in waste management, and communities nearby

2011 IESS - The Impact of Land Use on Peri-Urban Forest in the Akuapem South Municipal

The study was conducted in the Akwapim South Municipality in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Methods used in this study were focus group discussions through the use of questionnaires, identification of the different land use types through ground trotting and deliberate field inventorying of flora in three broad zones along nine (9) different belt transects in the study area. The study indicated that there has been considerable loss of forest and forest resources in the study area

2011 IESS - Studies of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Trace Metal Contaminants in Some Selected Seafood from the Coastal Waters of Ghana

A total of 54 individuals species comprising of 18 each of Pomadasys peroteti, Cynoglossus senegalensis and Drapane africana were selected from the coastal waters of Ghana were analyzed quantitatively for trace metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

2011 IESS - Solid Waste Characterization and Management of Selected Markets in the Accra Metropolis

The objectives of this study were to establish the components of market waste generated from source; establish the physico-chemical properties in the light of a possible utilization of these wastes and to ascertain the perception and attitude of market operatives giving rise to waste management concerns on these markets.

2011 IESS - Physico-Chemical and Bacteriological Water Quality Assessment of the Upper Catchment of the Birim River

The quality of the Birim River is however deteriorating rapidly in light of rapid land use change in favour of illegal small scale gold mining (galamsey) and this threatens to destroy the other uses of the river. It is against this background that this study was conceived to generally assess the quality of the river and to investigate confounding factors that are contributing to the deterioration of the river.

2011 IESS - Municipality Solid Waste Management and Performance of the Tricycles: A Case Study of the Tamale Metropolis

This research was therefore designed to focus on the Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) system in Tamale, seeking to identify the main sources, quantities and composition of solid waste generated and to assess the performance of newly introduced tricycles for waste collection

2011 IESS - Monitoring Shoreline Change Using Medium Resolution Multi-Temporal Satellite Imagery a Case Study of Keta, Ghana

Shoreline change analysis provides important information upon which most coastal zone management and intervention policies rely. Such information is however mostly scarce for very large and inaccessible shorelines mostly due to expensive field work. This study investigated the reliability of medium resolution satellite imagery for mapping shoreline positions and for estimating historic rate of change. Both manual and semi-automatic shoreline extraction methods for multi-spectral satellite imageries were explored

2011 IESS - Impact of the Bamboo Fishing On the Environment: A Case Study on the Volta Lake (Stratum III)

The Bamboo fishery in Lake Volta involves the use of bamboo pipes to catch fish, mostly Chrysichthys species. In recent times, more youth have joined this fishing method in several ways posing a threat to the environment. This may include deforestation, high population density, loss of biological diversity and various forms of pollution and contamination. The study sought to investigate the impact of the bamboo fishing on the environment, with particular reference to the impacts on the forests, the fish stock and water quality