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2009 Publications

2009 IESS - Urban/Suburban Groundwater Pollution in Greater Accra Region and Its Health Implications

Groundwater samples in the Taifa area of the Ga East District in the Greater Accra Region were sampled and analysed for physicochemical and bacteriological quality. Physicochemical properties of the samples were generally satisfactory and within the World Health Organization guideline values.

2009 IESS - Influence Of Some Timber Species On Growth And Yeild Of Some Crops In Traditional Agroforestry At The Ahyiresu Naturalist Centre

This study was conducted at Ahyiresu Naturalist Centre closer to Nsawam/Aburi (latitude 5º5’0’’ North and longitude 0º 16’ 0’’ West) located within the Southern Forest Savannah Transition Zone (SSFSTZ) where conversion of original of original forest lands into agriculture especially pineapple monocrop farming is predominant.

2009 IESS - Evaluation Of Heavy Metal Species In Municipal Waste Compost And Their Uptake In Maize Plant (Zea Mays L)

The concern of the general public and environmental scientists on the effect of heavy metal in the use of Municipal Waste Compost in crop production necessitated this study. The aim was to investigate heavy metal species in compost and its derivatives and their effect on soil and maize crop uptake following first and second cropping.

2009 IESS - Assessment of the Impacts of Coastal Inundation Due to Climate Change in the Dansoman Coastal Communities of Accra

Inundation and the episodic flooding caused by spring tide in low-lying coasts are expected to exacerbate as a result of sea level rise caused by global warming. Both human development and natural habitats are at risk. The coastal terrain may become inundated, beaches eroded, coastal infrastructure damaged and people injured or displaced. Sea level rise is a significant and growing threat to the coastal communities of Dansoman in Accra due to its low lying terrain.

2009 IESS - Assessment Of Polycyclic Aromatic Pydrocarbon Levels In Soils Of The Tema Heavy Industrial Area

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are hydrophobic organic pollutants that are ubiquitously distributed in the environment from petrogenic, pyrogenic and biogenic sources as a result of combustion. The aim of this study is to assess the concentrations of PAHs in soils at the Tema heavy industrial area.

2009 IESS - Analysis of Growth of Cedrela Odorata and Three Indigenous Species in a Mixed Plantation in Amama Forest Reserve

Forests in Ghana continue to be degraded at a rapid rate due to over logging, mining, inappropriate methods of farming, bushfires and poor edaphic factors. These degraded lands are now being used productively through reforestation on small scale by private individuals and on large scale by logging companies as conditionality in the acquisition of timber Utilization Contract.

2009 IESS - Air Quality Assessment of a Thermal Power Producing Area in Ghana: A Case Study of the Air Emissions of Takoradi Thermal Power Station and Its Effects on the People of Aboadze

Air quality assessment was done in a thermal power producing area in Ghana called Aboadze from the period of October 2008 to March 2009. This coastal village of Aboadze is located 15km east of Takoradi, the capital town of the Western region of Ghana. This research determined the levels of the oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulphur dioxide (SO2), particulate matter (PM10) and noise in the ambient environment.

2009 IESS - Agroforestry Ecosystems, Biodiversity Conservation And Sustainable Agriculture: A Case Study In The Eastern Region Of Ghana

Cocoa and mixed food crop agroforests are common farming systems undertaken in parts of the Eastern region that ensures sustainable land-use, conserve biodiversity and stores considerable amount of carbon. The study aimed at investigating the role of cocoa and mixed food crop agroforests in the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture in the Atewa and Fanteakwa districts.