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2007 Publications

2007 IESS - Impact of Human Activities on The Sources of Drinking Water in some Selected Communities in the Akuapem South District of the Eastern Region

The study was undertaken in three communities namely Adamrobe, Aburi and Pokrom Nasaba, all located in the Akuapim South District of the Eastern Region. These communities depend on streams, wells, and springs for their drinking water requirements. Water samples from these sources were analyzed over a period of twelve months for various water quality parameters including pH, electrical conductivity (EC), nitrate (N~), phosphates (P04-P), colour (C), turbidity, suspended solid (S8), total dissolved solids (IDS), biological oxygen demand (BOD dissolved oxygen (DO), trace metals (pb, Cd, Zn, & As), faecal coliform (FC), total coliform (TC), and enterococci (EC), following standard methods designed in APHA, A WW A, and economic data were also collected using questionnaire. 

2007 IESS - Assessment of Air Pollution and Its Health Effects in Tema (Ghana)

Air pollution is common throughout Ghana as a result of bush fires, emission from motor exhausts, as well as emission from both domestic and industrial activities. The pollutants can injure health, harm the environment and cause damage to properties. The following pollutants were considered in this study: smoke, sulphur dioxide, lead, total particulate matter and PM10.

2007 IESS - Water Quality Parameters Of Some Selected Rivers In The Greater Accra Region And Their Environmental Protection Needs In Relation To Water Conservattion Policies Of Ghana

The study was conducted to provide environmental data needed for the assessment on the physicochemical and bacteriological quality of the Rivers Densu, Nsaki, Onukpa Wahe and Mamahuma in the Accra Region and to establish whether these rivers harbour opportunistic pathogens of human health importance.

2007 IESS - Uses, Harvesting Techniques And Sustainability Of Non-Timber Forest Products (Ntfps) In Kpando Dayi Block Forest Reserve, Volta Region

Execution of this study comprised the use of open ended Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), administration of questionnaires, identification and uses of the NTFPs in the study area (Vakpo,
Botoku, Tsrukpe and Tsorhor) and detailed studies covering the major NTFPs in the Kpando Dayi Block Reserve. Majority (60%) of the FGDs participants were males while 40% of them were females; and their ages ranged from 20 to 70 years

2007 IESS - Occurrence Of Cholera In Some Parts Of The Ablekuma Sub-Metro District Of Accra, Ghana, And Its Socio-Economic Impact On The People Of The Community

Cholera is endemic in Accra and frequently breaks out in epidemics along the coastal areas of the Accra Plains. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cholera epidemics are a marker for poverty and lack of basic sanitation. Lack of access to basic water and sanitation is often associated with poverty and the poor often pay more for an inaccessible supply of small volumes of water of doubtful quality.

2007 IESS - Evaluation Of Reclamation Strategies For Degraded Lands Of Small Scale Mining Areas In Talensi-Nabdam District Of The Upper East Region, Ghana

Agriculture contributes immensely to the development of Ghana. It is a major source of employment tothe rural population. The northern regions of Ghana have been the major source of grains and yam production in the country. For sustainable agricultural production, the ecosystem including the soil and water resources should be carefully managed.

2007 IESS - Asseessment of Arsenic Levels in Groundwaters in and around Obuasi Municipality

Gold mining in Ghana has a long history. Before the advent of the Biological Oxidation (BIOX) technology to extract, many mining companies extract and process gold through grinding, dissolution and precipitation of the free gold. Subsequent burning of the crude product releases oxides of sulfur and arsenic trioxide into the environment. The tailings are heaped, and also kept in dams.

2007 IESS - An Investigation Into The Effectiveness Of Different Soil Erosion Control Barriers In Reclamation Practices At Newmont Ghana Gold Limited Kenyasi – Brong Ahafo Region

This project on the effectiveness of different erosion control barriers being practiced at Newmont Ghana Gold Limited (NGGL), Ahafo was conducted on three (3) heaps of stockpiles of topsoil and one waste rock stockpile between April and August 2007.