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2005 Publications

2005 IESS - The Use Of Lichens For Biomonitoring Of Atmospheric Trace Elements Deposition From Vehicular Traffic Emissions

Exposure to air is now an almost inescapable part of urban life throughout the world. Cities with extremely high population densities, especially in central districts, are also faced with unbridled growth of vehicular population. This is manifested in the motor vehicle traffic congestion with high-density air emissions resulting in poor urban air quality.

2005 IESS -Mycorrhizae, A Viable Alternative Approach For The Improvement Of Indegenous Tree Seedlings At The Nursery Stage

This study was conducted with soils obtained from a degraded area of the Supuma Forest Reserve near Okubi – Obuasi in the Bekwai Forest District. Seeds 4 selected species (Khaya ivorensis,
Nauclea diderrichii, Terminalia superba and Entandrophragma angolense) were obtained from the Supuma Forest Reserve while the Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza that was used for the study
was procured from the International Collection of Arbuscular and Vesicular - Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (IVAM) Center, Division of Plant Science, West Virginia University, Morgan Town, 26505-6057, USA.

2005 IESS - Municipal Solid Waste Source Separation At The Household Level - A Case Stuy Of Accra Metropolitan Area

City managers in low income economies including Ghana have identified waste management issues after poverty challenges as a priority intervention area. Waste management authorities have been exploring other alternatives to complement current waste management applications. Municipal solid waste source separation at the household level as a management strategy has been recommended by waste management experts, researchers and even politicians.

2005 IESS - Hydrochemistry Of Leachate From Municipal Solid Waste Landfills In Accra.

Leachates from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills have been implicated in environmental pollution, surface and groundwater contamination on regional and local levels. Attempts by metropolitan and regulatory authorities to solve problems of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ghana, especially in large cities such as Accra, have failed partly due to inadequate data on waste stream characteristics and waste degradation products.

2005 IESS - Assessment Of Ecology And Restoration Of Wetlands In Mining Areas: A Case Study Of The Obotan Gold Project At Manso Nkran In The Amansie West District Of The Ashanti Region, Ghana

The study was conducted in the Obotan Mines of the Resolute Amansie Limited (RAL) in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The primary aim of the study was to assess the reclamation work being undertaken by RAL after completion of mining as mandated by the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).