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2001 Publications

2001 IESS - Mangrove Vegetation And Soil Physicochemecal Properties: Effects Of Texture And Salinity On Propagation Of Avicennia Germinans, The Black Mangrove


The Oyibi-Ayensu wetland is characterised by large degraded areas resulting from overcutting of mangroves for fuelwood and charcoal production. The study principally aims at providing rapid nursery methods using local materials, on which the local communities can embark upon to replant degraded areas.

2001 MPhil IESS - Factors To Be Considered In The Design Of An Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management In The Accra Metropolis

Julius Najah Fobil    2001

Accra, like most large cities in low-income economies is experiencing growing municipal solid waste (MSW) management problems. Although city and municipal authorities are in a continuous search for solutions to these problems, baseline data on waste stream characteristics are either scanty and therefore inadequate for use in planning or simply non-existent.

2001 MPhil IESS - Environmental Monitoring Of Effluent From Barima Fuel Service Centre (Mallam – Accra) And Environmental Audit Of Some Fuel Service Stations In Accra-Tema Metropolitan Areas Of Ghana

Michael Onwona-Kwakye   2001

City authorities the world over are lamenting on the ever increasing liquid and solid waste management problems, and are in continuous search for inexpensive and easy solutions to these waste problems. Ghana, like many other developing countries, in its effort to controlling these problems enacted and an Act (Act 490) through Parliament in 1994, which charged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

2001 MPhil IESS - Environmental Management of Unwanted - Obsolete Chemicals in the Greater Accra Region

Agnes Ewool   2001

The study was undertaken to assess the existence of unwanted/obsolete chemicals in the Greater Accra region, the causes, the management practices in place and their likely environmental impacts. The study covered 60 chemicals stores belonging to industries, research and educational institutions. Data was collected through site visits, questionnaire administration, inspection of stores, listing of unwanted/obsolete chemicals, analysis of chemicals and determination of acid fume levels in chemical stores.