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Assabil, Belinda

Assabil, Belinda
MPhil Environmental Science Programme (2015/2016)

Belinda Assabil holds a BSc in Geomatic Engineering from University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa. She was admitted into the MPhil Environmental Science Programme in 2015.

Though she recognise the contribution of mining to economic development, her choice of the Environmental Science Programme was strongly influenced by her two-year service at mining sites, where she had a firsthand experience of the negative impact of mining on the environment. Her background has given her a unique appreciation of the programme albeit the inter-relation between natural resource, social issues and the environment as a whole linked with people attitudes and understanding of the environment.


‘I intend to research on food security issues as a result of climate variability. This is because, there have been so much concern about the climate change which has influenced weather pattern, therefore has resulted in decrease in crop yield and production. ‘


Her research interest includes Climate Change Impact on Food Security in Semi-Arid Regions, Mining and Safety, and Environment.



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