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Box LG 209, Legon, Accra

Dr. Opoku Pabi

Senior Research Fellow


Educational History 
PhD (Environmental Science), University of Ghana 
MPhil (Botany - Ecology and Environmental Studies), University of Ghana 
BSc (Botany and Zoology), University of Ghana 

Short /Other Courses 
Evidence-Based Conservation, University of Bangor, Wales Management Information Systems, Inst. Of Financial Acct, UK Principles of management, Inst. Of Financial Acct, UK

Research Interest

  • Land-use/cover dynamics and sustainable management
  • GIS and Remote Sensing: Environmental and Sustainable Resource Use Management Applications.
  • Climate Change
  • Landscape analysis and modeling
  • Hazard risk assessment and Early Warning Systems


  • Volta re-operation and optimization project 
  • Coastal erosion, flooding and inundation risk mapping of the coastal area of greater accra within a climate change context.
  • Climate change impacts on upwelling and fish catch
  • The development of an early warning system framework for coastal flooding
  • Building capacity for climate change adaptation in Ghana
  • Mapping of black soils in Ghana.


  • Waterpower: Rising tides, urban growth and the political ecology of urban water management
  • Property, access and exclusion along the charcoal commodity chain in Ghana

Supervision of MPhil Thesis

  • Changing climate and land-use/cover on water resources in the Lower Volta River Basin, Ghana
  • Impacts of septic tank effluent on Borehole water quality in selected localities in the Accra Metropolis
  •  Assessment of air quality impact on women and children in the Accra Metropolis
  • Spatial mapping of noise exposure zones derived from religious activities and perceptions in residential neighbourhoods: the case of Ashaiman municipality, Ghana.
  • Analysis of Landfill Site Suitability in Greater Accra Metropolitan Area

Remote sensing and geographic information systems


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