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Dr. Dzidzo Yirenya-Tawiah

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Senior Research Fellow

DzidzoYirenya-Tawiah is an Environmental and Public Health Research Scientist whose work have been focused on water related diseases, environmental health and water & sanitation.  She also has undertaken several community-based studies across Ghana and has strong community mobilization and engagement skills as well as project management abilities.  She is the Coordinator of the Utilization of Organic Waste for Agricultural Improvement, an action-oriented research project aimed at promoting sustainable waste management and food security in Ga-West Municipal Assembly.  She is also involved in the Special Treat Project (STP) and has conducted the baseline research on sanitation in Ga West, Ga Central and Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipalities in Ghana

Dzidzo is a Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), University of Ghana.  She holds a PhD degree in Zoology, from the University of Ghana, and an MPH Degree in Public Health from University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.  At the IESS she is the Coordinator of the PhD program in Sustainable Sanitation and Health and also contributes in the handling of Eco-system Disaster Risk Management and Environmental Impact Assessment courses run by the Institute.  She led the development of the new M.Phil. Environmental Sanitation Program which is upcoming in the next academic year.  She has over fifteen peer reviewed publications.

Educational History:

  • PhD, Zoology, University of Ghana- 2010
  • MPH, University of Maastricht, Netherlands - 2001
  • MPhil Zoology (Parasitology), University of Ghana -1997
  • BSc Zoology, University of Ghana -1992

Research Interest: 

  • Public Health
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Parasitology
  • Epidemiology
  • Environment and Parasites of Wildlife

Current Research Activities:

  • Gastrointestinal helminth parasites of fresh water fish: A case study of the Kpong head pondThe objective of this study is to catalogue helminth parasites of fish found major freshwater bodies in Ghana

Selected Research and Consultancies

Name of assignment of project:   The Special Treat Project

Year:                                             2015–on going

Location:                                     Ghana

Client:                                          Netherlands Enterprise AgencyRVO.NL

Position:                                      Team Member

Project features:                          Improve Environmental Sanitation of 300,000 inhabitants through provision of public toilets, and waste treatment facilities in Ga West, Ga Central and Nsawan                                                              Adoagyiri Municipalities


Name of assignment of project :    Development of Environmental Sanitation Standard

Year:                                              2014

Location:                                       Ghana

Client:                                            Ministry of Environment Science Technology and Innovation (MESTI)

Position:                                       Team Member

Project features:                            Conduct desk reviews on existing environmental sanitation standards, baseline studies on environmental sanitation situations, draft standard document, stakeholder                                                      workshops


Name of assignment of project : Utilization of organic waste for urban agricultural improvement in the Ga West Municipality

Year:                                           2014 –on going

Location:                                    Ghana

Client:                                        Grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

Position:                                    Team Leader

Project features:                         Promote waste segregation from source from markets, farms, train and engage unemployed youth in waste collection and composting, promote compost utilization on                                                   urban farms waste segregation awareness campaigns etc.


Name of assignment of project : Volta dam Reoptimization Project

Year:                                           on-going 2013

Location:                                     Lower Volta Basin

Position:                                      Team Member

Client:                                          Water Resources Commission of Ghana

Main project features:                   Public health impact assessment aspect of project.  Conduct Stakeholder assessment and identification, health issues assessment, monitoring environmental and                                                       health effects of reoperation of dam, data analysis and reporting  

Pipeline Research Project

  • Towards effective management of local markets for improved public health and poverty reduction 


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Teaching in last three years:

  • FAC  701      - Science and Society
  • ESCI 702     - Emerging Environmental Issues for the 21st Century
  • ESCI 705     - Sustainable Sanitation and Health
  • ESCI 606     - Environmental Impact Assessment