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Prof. Christopher Gordon receives two Appointments

10 September 2019

Prof. Christopher Gordon of the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS), University of Ghana, has been appointed the Convener of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Working Group for the revision of ISO 14015.  As the Convener of the ISO Working Group (ISO/TC207/SC2/WG7), Prof. Gordon will lead the processes for the preparation of a revised ISO14015:2001 ’Environmental management –Assessment of Sites and Organisations (EASO).

Prof. Gordon has also been appointed by the Global Commons Alliance Principals and the Future Earth to serve as a member of the Earth Commission. The Earth Commission is made up of a team of experts tasked with the production of peer-reviewed synthesis of the latest science to underpin science-based targets. 

Congratulations Prof. Gordon!

The Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS) is proud of your achievements.