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IESS Holds Seminar on Illicit Trade in the Marine Resources of West Africa

22 January 2019

The Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies on Friday, January 18, 2019 held a seminar at the UNU-IRA Conference Room, University of Ghana on the topic “illicit trade in the marine resources of West Africa”.

Professor Rashid Sumailia a world renowned economist and Director of the Fisheries Economics Management (University Of British Columbia) delivered the seminar which was co-chaired by Prof. Wisdom Akpalu (Research Fellow, United Nations University UN-Wider) and Prof. Appeaning Addo (Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies).

In his presentation, Prof. Sumailia highlighted the connection between the environment and human economy, main contributors to illicit trading of marine resources such as Europe, China and Russia, and the economic losses and impact to thirteen West African countries. He advised all West African coastal countries to collaborate to address the illicit trading fisheries resources and related coastal issues. He further suggested that citizen and the media hold leaders accountable to make them work in the best interest of the countries.

Present at this seminar were participants from various university communities including but not limited to Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies, Department Of Economics, Marine and Fisheries and UNU-WIDER.