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German Researcher in Ghana to Participate in C2R-CD Project's Activities

21 June 2022


A Research Associate and an Anthropologist, Anja Klein, with the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, is in Ghana to participate in the activities of the Coastal Community Resilience to Climate and Diarrhoea (C2R-CD) Project of the Institute.

As part of her visit, she will undertake fieldwork with the C2R-CD Work Package Research Teams in the project communities. While in the field with the researchers, she will deploy both on and offline methodologies to construct and run environmental and social-ecological models. These models, according to her, are premised on the fact “that doing science and hence constructing models is also a social activity, where decisions and assumptions are made based on facts but also on values, emotions, experiences”. Anja will further explore the statistical modeling method deployed by the C2R-CD project as well as review the project’s publications.

Anja Klein’s visit forms part of her second case-study Ph.D. research. She is expected to spend two months with the C2R-CD project research Work Packages in Ghana.


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Story Source:
C2RCD/Victus K. Sabutey