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Florida State University Student Shadowed the Works of the C2R-CD Project in Ghana

02 September 2023

Katherine Short, a 1st-year environmental engineering student at Florida State University ends her shadowing of the works C2R-CD project works in Ghana.

With an interest in climate change, waste reduction, and developing clean energy, Katherine spent four (4) weeks alongside the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS) undertaking field-based hands-on practicals on the C2R-CD Project.

Her visit forms part of the strategic objectives of the project to offer opportunities to researchers and students to advance efforts in the field of environment and health.

As a first-year student, it was Katherine’s first experience within her field of interest. The opportunity broadened her view of environmental engineering post-degree.

During her 4-week stay, Katherine also travelled with the C-CARE team to Keta to encourage students to participate in an essay competition on the direct effects of climate change. She was also involved in radio programmes that focused on communicating the findings of the C2R-CD project to the project beneficiary community.

According to her, the opportunity enabled her to have a deep dive into the undiluted Ghanaian culture. She enjoyed the major Ghanaian foods, including waakye, jollof rice, and fufu. She also travelled to the Mole National Park and attended a traditional Ghanaian funeral.