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AfriAlliance Needs & Solutions Hub and Social innovation MOOC

07 May 2020

The AfriAlliance (AA) Needs & Solutions Hub has compiled water-related needs of African stakeholders and matched them with potential solutions. Users can search for specific needs, and find out what solutions there are. The N&S Hub features a Landing Page ( from where the individual hubs can be accessed, listing the Needs and Solutions identified by AA so far. Users are also invited to submit their specific needs (via email) and solutions (via a dedicated tool on the Hub).

As part of a wider Results Pack on ‘Water Innovation for Africa’, Cordis (the European Commission's source of results from the EU's programmes for research and innovation), AfriAlliance has recently published a short article on AfriAlliance, featuring, among other things, the AfriAlliance Action Group approach. You can access the AfriAlliance ‘Results in Brief’ article here:


Announcing AfriAlliance MOOC#2
AfriAlliance is delighted to announce that it's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on "Social innovation in water and climate change in Africa" will be held from 2 June to 12 July 2020! See below for details:

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The IESS is an AfriAlliance Action Group member working on planning for drought in semi-arid Ghana.