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Prof. Christopher Gordon

Prof. Christopher Gordon
Associate Professor

Institute for Environmenta and Sanitation Studies

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

University of Ghana - Legon

Year of Employment:           1986

Prof Chris Gordon is an Environmental Scientist with many years of experience as a limnologist and aquatic resource management advisor, with special interests in the biodiversity and functioning of coastal, wetland and freshwater systems. As an academician and a consultant, he has in-depth and extensive knowledge of ecosystem functioning and conservation in the various ecosystems he has worked on, such as the Volta River Basin, aquaculture, coastal wetlands and large rivers and estuaries. Prof Gordon has played an active role in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management initiatives, particularly in water, coastal wetland and catchment basin conservation issues. He has considerable experience working with international bodies such as the GEF, UNEP, FAO, UNDP, USAID, DFID (former ODA), DANIDA, IDRC, DGIS, as well as national and international NGOs. Prof Gordon has provided guidance on various national policies that include the fisheries, aquatic resources and their management, general wetland and general biodiversity conservation issues, and more recently climate change issues to government and non-governmental organisations. He is the Chair of the Ghana Standards Authority Technical Committee on Environment and Lead for the preparation of the Ghana State of the Environment Report.

Educational History

  • B.Sc. (hons.) Zoology (Entomology); University of Ghana
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Limnology; UNESCO/Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • M.Sc. Zoology; University of Ghana
  • Ph.D. Human Environmental Sciences; King’s College, London

Research Interests

  • Research into Use
  • Environmental Governance
  • Water Resource Management
  • Ecotoxicology and Aquatic Environments
  • Climate Change Policy and Adaptation
  • Mangroves and Coastal Systems
  • Biodiversity
  • Distribution of benthic invertebrates in the Volta,
  • Colonisation rates of Aufwuchs organisms, 
  • The use of invertebrates as indicators of pollution, 

Current Research Projects

  • Capacity building to address climate change in Bangladesh and Ghana with special reference to conservation of saline and drought tolerant species. DelPHE GBP 90,000. Ghana Partner
  • Understanding the Findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report “Climate Change 2007” – Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Development Planning EU-ACP € 1,250,000 Three Years 2009 – 2012 (Principal Investigator –West Africa Region)
  • National Climate Change and Development Research Diagnostic, CDKN/DFID GBP 24,000 2011
  • Building Capacity to meet the Climate Change Challenge (B4C) –Ghana: A partnership between University of Ghana and the Open Society Institute. The Open Society Institute US$ 1.640,000 Three years 2011-2014 Eastern Region (Team leader Water and Water Resources Work Package)

Pipeline Research Project

  • Climate Change and Poverty EU Framework 7
  • Reoptimization of Operations of Akosombo & Kpong Dams on the Volta River in Ghana to Restore Downstream Livelihoods and Ecosystems. African Water Partnership/African Development Bank

Graduate Students

  • Aboagye Kumi: Water Quality in Teshie
  • Baniba:. Factors influencing the selection of water source in Jasikan district and implication on the health status of rural communities


  • Addo: Monitoring Dust Pollutants Emissions Associated with Cement Production Activities in Ghana: Modelling Pollutant Concentrations and their Estimated Effects on the Public

Selected Publications


  • Addo, M.A., Darko, E.O. Gordon, C., Davor, P., Ameyaw, F., Affum, H., Gbadago, J.K. Dzide S. (2016) Human Health Risk Assessment of Airborne Trace Elements for Human Receptors in the vicinity of the Diamond Cement Factory, Volta Region, Ghana. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning. Vol. 11 (4) 522-536

  • Ahmed, A.,Lawson, E. T., Mensah, A., Gordon, C., & Padgham, J. (2016). Adaptation to climate change or non-climatic stressors in semi-arid regions? Evidence of gender differentiation in three agrarian districts of GhanaEnvironmental Development,

  • Ayivor, J.S., Pabi, O., Ofori, B.D., Yirenya-Taiwiah, D.R. & Gordon, C. (2016). Agro-Diversity in the Forest-Savannah Transition Zone of Ghana: A Strategy for Food Security against Climatic and Socio-Economic Stressors. Environment and Natural Resources Research; 6(1) 1-12. doi:10.5539/enrr.v6n1p1

  • Bariagabre A.S., AsanteI. K., Gordon C. and Ananng, Ted Y. (2016): Cactus Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica L): A Future Asset for Sustainability of Drylands in Northern Ethiopia. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, Vol. 5, No 3. (2016) pp: 846 – 860. 

  • Bariagabre A S., Asante I. K., Gordon C. and Ananng Ted Y. (2016): Cactus Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica L.) a valuable crop for restoration of degraded soils in Northern Ethiopia. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. Vol. 6, No. 8. (2016). pp: 11-18.

  • Borchardt, D., Gordon, C., Alcamo, J., Dannisøe, J. G., Müller, & Mensah, A. (2016). Solutions to the Water Quality Challenge: A Preliminary Review, In UNEP, A Snapshot of the World’s Water Quality: Towards a Global Assessment (pp. 81-93), United Nations Environment Programme: Nairobi.

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  • Okoffo, E. D., Fosu-Mensah, B. Y., and Gordon, C (2016). Persistent organochlorine pesticide residues in cocoa beans from Ghana, a concern for public health. International Journal of Food Contamination, 3 (5), 1-11. 


  • Dankyi, E., Carboo, D., Gordon, C., Fomsgaard I. S (2015) Application of the QuEChERS procedure and LC–MS/MS for the assessment of neonicotinoid insecticide residues in cocoa beans and shells. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis Volume 44, Pages 149–157

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2011 -2013

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Teaching in last three years

  1. BIOL 318 Introduction to Limnology and Oceanography
  2. ZOOL 409 Freshwater Zoology
  3. ZOOL 418 Limnology