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Invitation to Seminar Presentation on Transboundary River Basin Management

27 September 2018

The Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS) invites you to its Seminar on:


Transboundary River Basin Management: Implications of Climate Change


Prof. Chris Gordon


Tuesday, October 2, 2018




Auditorium (G9), International House

You are all cordially invited



Climate change issues are already being addressed by a number of existing national institutions, such as the ministries, non-governmental and civil society organisations and the private. Previously, climate change planning in Ghana was focused primarily on minimizing the impact of future changes.  Recent events in Ghana such as the operation of the Bui dam, the annual flooding of northern parts of Ghana and the spread of invasive aquatic weeds in the Volta basin. Fundamentally, the best way to deal with water resource management is to use the river basin itself and its catchment to delineate the administrative boundaries and use an integrated upstream – downstream approach. Unfortunately, due to historical and cultural reasons, this is rarely the case. Trans-boundary river basins require a higher level of management than river basin management this is because each country has a different set of procedures and guidelines that govern how a river is handled. Trans-boundary issues cannot be managed by force or by imposition, this can lead to outright conflict. There are several international organisations that broker agreements between states and these organisations need to be engaged early in the process in the face of the changing climate as the additional climate stress may be the tipping point for war. Effective trans-boundary management of rivers in Ghana will improve food security, increase the resilience of infrastructure and communities, improve environmental management practices, and achieve more efficient systems for improved economic growth. Universities and academic programmes in climate change, sustainability and water resources can play a key role in providing the evidence needed to have effective management.

Key Words: Trans-Boundary; River Basins; Policy: Climate Change: Volta