2016 Publications

2016 IESS - Impact of Small Scale Mining On Irrigation Water Quality for Vegetable Production: Case Study of Asante Akim Central Municipality

This study investigated the effect of small scale mining on the quality of water for irrigation as well as the concentration of heavy metals in water, soil and vegetable samples from sixteen randomly selected farms in three sites along a river and a dam which was used as a control

2016 IESS - Levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals in Surface Soil at Auto- Mechanic Workshops within the Accra Metropolis, Ghana

This study investigated the concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and five selected heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Ni, Zn and Cu) in water and soil at some selected auto-mechanic shops within the Accra Metropolis.

2016 IESS - Assessing the Impact of an Operating Tailings Storage Facility on Catchment Surface and Groundwater Quality: A Case Study of Adamus Resources Limited (Nzema Gold Mine) in the Ellembele District of theWestern Region of Ghana

The study assessed the impact of an operating Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) of Adamus Resources Limited (Nzema Gold Mine) in the Ellembele District, Western Ghana, on catchment surface and groundwater quality.