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2008 Publications

2008 IESS - Evaluation Of The Performance Of Some Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems And The Use Of Their Resultant Effluents For Irrigationof Vegetables Farms In The Accra Metropolis

The study was based on the treatment of domestic wastewater in waste stabilization pond systems with specific interest in the dynamics of the contribution of algae and duckweeds, referred to as treatment agents, to the destruction of pathogenic organisms and the removal of nutrients from domestic wastewater.

2008 IESS - Community Involvement And Environmental Decision-Making Within The Framework Of Environmental Impact Assessment (Eia) In Bogoso-Prestea Area Of Wassa West District Of Ghana

This study examines the role and influence of communities in environmental decision-making within the framework of environmental impact assessment highlighting the different views of respondents on participation.

2008 IESS - Assessment Of Pollution Of Wetlands Near The Oblogo Landfill Site: A Case Study Of The Densu Delta Wetland

The ecologically important wetland close to the confluence of the Densu River with the Atlantic Ocean in the Accra Metropolis has recently been the site of various forms of environmental degradation due to housing developments, subsistence farming activities, water pollution and dumping of household and other forms of waste.

2008 IESS - An Assessment Of Air Pollution And Its Health Implications In The Nima And James Town Neighbourhoods Of Accra

This research on air quality was carried out in the twenty homes each in Nima and James Town respectively within the Accra Metropolis of Ghana from October 2006 to March 2007. Gravimetric measurements of particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) were measured by the use of Harvard impactors and pems whilst real-time monitoring was undertaken by interchangeable use of SidePak Personal Aerosol Monitors and TSI DustTrak Continuous Aerosol Monitors.

2008 IESS - A Case Study Of Plant Biodiversity And Some Soil Characteristics At The Closed Obotan Goldmine Manso Nkran, Amansie West District

This study was on the floral biodiversity and some soil characteristics at the closed Obotan Goldmine. It was carried out through the administration of questionnaires to selected local participants and deliberate field sampling of plants using 20m x 20m quadrants each with 1m x 1m subplots.

2008 IESS - An Assessment Of The Environmental Impact Of Small-Scale Fish Processing Activities In A Coastal Community In Ghana

The study was embarked on to ascertain the environmental impact of small-scale fish processing activities in the Keta-Anloga wetlands area which forms part of the environmentally fragile coastal belt of Ghana with the view to suggesting ways of ameliorating possible negative impacts.