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Director's Welcome

This new academic unit of the University of Ghana was created in response to several drivers, enablers and outcomes identified as key to the nation’s development at the request of the government of Ghana. Ghana’s population is increasing rapidly, contributing to urbanisation which creates major challenges such as urban planning as well as improper disposal of both solid and liquid waste. Other challenges such as land degradation, including illegal mining, deforestation and desertification,as well as pollution of our water bodies (rivers, lakes, streams,wetlands, etc) and coasts are resulting in the habitat destruction and some cases the loss of biodiversity. Inextricably linked to these challenges is Global Environmental Changes such as climate change. 

The existing national capacity to ensure wise management of these challenges is currently over-stretched. Hence there is the need to train and educate the necessary human capacity to effectively manage the environment sustainably.

The Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS) will employ interdisciplinary and participatory approaches to train future managers, who will contribute to the protection, management and development of the countrys' natural resources in line with the Institutes' mission statement: “To meet the nation's needs for broad-based education, training and research in the science, policy and management of environmental and sanitation processes in the wider African and global context.”

It is our medium term vision that “Within the next 10 years, IESS will evolve into an institution that is a “Centre of Excellence” for environmental and developmental issues." To achieve this, we will be proactive in seeking collaborations with appropriate partners, including private industry and civil society as well as in acquisition of funds to support our research agenda.

We hope you will find the website useful and would appreciate any feedback.


Thank you.

Prof Christopher Gordon,
BSc hons, MSc, (Ghana) PhD. (London)

Professor Gordon